10 Dodou Touray

Dodou Touray
Dodou Touray
gam Gambia

Dodou has been playing for the Gambinos Youth Academy since his primary school. Dodou is a very hardworking forward, a good speed, good touch and great vision on the field. In 2016-17 seasons his first team year; he finished not only with eleven goals in eighteen games but also five assists. He’s not a forward who waits for the ball to be magically dropped on his feet, he hustles to make good runs, check back into the midfield to create space behind him or be in an extra option in the midfield, and always help defensively, creating the double team when a team mate has contained the player with the ball. Dodou almost every minute of every game, he doesn’t tire, he doesn’t give up. Dodou was also voted as one of the captains for our team due to his dedication and good leadership qualities.