Young Gambinos

About the Gambinos

The Gambinos are a Football Club based in the village of Mandinari, Gambia. When the Gambinos started out life they were “OB Conateh FC”. Their name was changed to “Sateba” in 2003/04 and then they finally settled on “The Gambinos” in 2009. The name “Gambinos” is a fusion of “Gambia” and “Binos”, the latter being the nickname for a Scottish Football club called “Stirling Albion”.

Stirling Albion became The Gambinos’ sister club after a Scottish gentleman called Bill Gillespie, who was a massive Stirling Albion fan, and his wife Janet, visited Mandinari and fell in love with the place and the people. They made it their mission to assist the hard working, talented and driven people of the village to achieve footballing success.

Soul Cessay, was manager/coach of The Gambinos (and their previous incarnations) for years and has been a key force in driving the Gambinos to where they are today. He remains an active member of their committee. In 2017 Touray Modou Sarr became manager of the Gambinos and his intelligence, commitment and professionalism has helped them go from strength to strength. Now Sarr has moved onto other Gambian football projects, the Gambinos are ready to be a force of good for the Mandinari community giving adults and children a great way to play as a team, and have a positive impact.

It’s the Gambinos mission to be a force for good in their community, both on and off the pitch and to help to promote the values of hard work, team work and professionalism for all the young people of Mandinari. Go Gambinos!!!

Gambinos Youth Academy:

The Gambinos have a Youth Academy that is registered with the Gambian Football Federation. They currently have over 120 registered youth players and are recruiting more youngsters all the time.

Gambinos run youth teams in the following age categories:

Under 9, Under 11, Under 13, Under 15.